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December Newsletter

Oh my goodness, where did the year go? As much as I'm thrilled 2022 is almost over, part of me wants to hold on to every last moment of the year!

As I reflect on all the crazy adventures & transitions that happened this year, I think the one thing that has helped me through it was LETTING GO of the desire to stay the same person, & instead: allow myself the gift of growth, CHANGE, and rediscovery.

It was tough, but liberating!

I started an online YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) this year, not long after I moved from Phoenix, AZ to Rochester, MN. Embracing the LYT Yoga Method has been one of the changes I've seen in myself. Not only in my own practice, but in my teaching style. Through it, I've FINALLY found a style that harmonizes the things I teach in group fitness and what I wish was taught more in yoga.

This anatomy based yoga method was developed by a PT named Lara Heimann. She incorporates Ahisma, non-harming, as her principle philosophy when practicing & stresses the importance of building a stable foundation (both physically & energetically) first. When that's achieved, the fluidity & creativity that comes afterwards is blissful and rewarding. Learning how the Yamas & Niyamas and the 7 Chakras align with our body's anatomy, physiology, & kinesiology has been mind blowing. I can't wait to share it all with you!



If you're in there Phoenix area Dec 22nd, wanna join me for a LYT based class for my final submission?!?

Also, I'll be in Phoenix Dec 20 - Jan 5th. Be sure to check the Mountainside Fitness App for any classes I'm going to teach.



Here are some questions I've received about this new yoga style I'm teaching.

Q: How is it different than other yoga formats? How is it the same?

A: The LYT method is different in that each class follows a fun & often challenging (in the best ways) format. The biggest difference is each class begins with a RESET, which neutralizes the pelvis & spine, and prepares the body for a safe and successful practice. I go over the reset in more detail in October's Newsletter here!

The LYT method is the same in that it incorporates many of the yoga philosophies & concepts you see in other formats. You also get that sense of grounding, lift, peace, energy, etc. that is craved in a yoga practice!

Q: WHY do we focus on core at the beginning of class instead of the end?

A: The core consists of everything from the shoulders to the base of your trunk. 5 out of the 7 chakras are located in there & when aligned, their radiance continues through the third eye & crown chakras.

Working the core collects the energy inside of you, organizes and centralizes it, and becomes the foundation of your practice. Your body & mind start to recognize this magical source as a place of safety & strength, and can anchor you as you continue your practice. Remember, the core is SO much more than your surface abs!

We work the core with pranayama during the RESET so you can feel the sound of your own energy & come back to it often. Whether you're in a yin, power, or vinyasa practice, this place of safety is key. It's your Shtira. We work the core in every class so we can feel successful on and off our mats.

Q: What does this have to do with fitness? I thought it was yoga.

A: To me, fitness and yoga are congruent. I often see many parallels between the two. In fitness, we stress proper alignment of the spine & pelvis as we perform exercises. Why? To prevent injury. To successfully target the focused muscles. To perform at our own body's best. To build strength, flexibility, mobility, function. Heck, for the endorphins it gives me! Tell me. Wouldn't you want this in your yoga practice as well?!? In a LYT yoga class, you get that! We don't use weights...but through safe Asana practice, you'll see all these tools are used as well.

In my fitness classes, I focus on moving through all planes of mobility. The LYT Yoga Method travels all over the mat. Not only are transitions smooth and safe, they mobilize the body on ALL planes. These are intended to strengthen the movements in your daily life.



From the top of your spine to the tailbone, this is your core! There are important muscles intended to stabilize and mobilize the body, theses are connected by tissues, fascia, tendons, etc. Knowing the difference between working the core and working abs is important. When you isolate an exercise to your abs, you are focused on the surface muscles of the core. There is nothing wrong with this. ALL muscles have a purpose. If we go a bit deeper and work the muscles closer to the spine, we transfer our energy into the entire core. Some purposes of the core:

  • House the organs of the body

  • Stabilize and Protect the Spine

  • Stabilize the Pelvic Floor

  • Keep us Upright and Balanced

  • Offer Structure for Mobility

  • All Energetic Pathways Travel Through the Core

The Core Stablizer Flows done in the LYT Resets are designed to tap into those deep core muscles. I sent 3 different Resets to you as exclusive content for October's Newsletter. They're now located in my classes here!

And just cuz I love you, Here's a few snippets from my latest Reset coming soon.



All this core talk is exciting...but let's not forget the importance of REST. It comes in many forms. The key ingredient to rest is the state of your energetic body. The Vegus Nerve is in charge of your Parasympathetic State - that rest and digest - of being. In this state, the heart rate is regulated, the digestive system is activated, your blood pressure lowers, breathing is calm and fluid, and your reflexes are controlled.

Rest can relieve stress, calm anxieties, increase clarity of thought and understanding, help prepare you for decision making, give you energy throughout your day, and much more. When stress (the good kind) is applied in a workout or practice, taking time to rest afterwards allows your body to repair and grow. This rest period also allows the mind and body to absorb and process that stress, creating healthy pathways between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

You don't have to be still to feel the benefits of rest. Active rest such as: walking, reading a book, slow flow, breathing exercises, being in nature, etc. are activities done with body motion.

If you feel like you need more rest in your life, especially with the holidays coming up, here's a video that might help. Pick a number and use that number as your reps. Do each movement that many times on each side, both ways. It's amazing how this fully body movement both rests and energizes me. I hope it does the same for you!


December Goodies

Keep a lookout for another email really soon! It'll have a fun Holiday Yoga Flow for you to try, bring to your own classes, and share with your friends and family.

Don't forget to check out my UPDATED website! The Resets are available now and Classes are coming soon. They are password protected so don't trash the email that give them to you!

I hope you are all enjoying the last month of 2022. With everything happened to us, always remember how amazing and important you are to this world. Keep shining your light and energy with others.

I'm considering opening my schedule for private yoga classes. Waddya think?

Booking Private Yoga Sessions with ME!

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  • I'm interested in booking either online or in person!

  • I'm only interested in booking online.

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