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12 Days of Yoga

The holidays are so much fun and your yoga practice can be too!

12 Drummers Drumming

  • Wide Leg Forward Fold - drumming the floor or blocks!

11 Pipers Piping

  • Side Lunge - Deep hip hinge and torso twisting towards the bent leg with arms raised to play your pipe.

10 Lords a Leaping

  • Runners Lunge or High Lunge with arms ready to LEAP!

9 Ladies Dancing

  • Let's challenge that balance! Reach for the inside of your back foot. Keep a neutral pelvis and you lengthen the spine and open the shoulders. No need to hike that leg up! Keep it safe and fun!

8 Maids o'Milking

  • What better pose to milk those cows than in Goddess?! Hips neutral, knees bent and tracked over toes. Go to work and get that milk flowing!

7 Swans o'Swimming

  • Find utkatasana with a triple flexion: ankles, knees, and hips. Use your arms to swim through the air and have fun!

6 Geese a Layin'

  • Stay in Utkatasana but bring one hand down by the hip and the other extended over the head. Flap your wings!

5 Golden Rings

  • Let's get the creative juices flowing! Dance, Swoosh your hips 5 times, play around & enjoy your practice!

Let's do a vinyasa! Hands to the floor. Step back for plank. Exhale lower to the belly or Chaturanga. Inhale press back for Cobra or Up Dog. Exhale lift from the core into Down Dog. Ah!!!

4 Calling Birds

  • Staying in Down Dog, bring one ankle over the opposite knee. Or cross at the ankles. Shift you weight back and feel that Piriformis stretch!

3 French Hens

  • Release the cross and extend that leg up to your 3 legged down dog. Keep a neutral spine and bend the knees if you need to! Option to bend the knee and get a little sassy with your External and Internal Leg Rotations!

2 Turtle Doves

  • Another opportunity to balance! Extended leg sweeps forward towards the hands. Ground through that leg and foot as you stand up, bringing the back leg up in to a 90 degree bend at the knee. Opposite hand to the knee as you twist the torso towards that bent leg. Twist from the torso and lead from the heart!

Partridge in a Pear Tree

  • Release the knee as you make your way to a tree pose. Feel free to extend the arms into any shape you want!

Exhale hinge at the hips, bend the knees and fold forward. Feet step back for plank. Lower through Chaturanga. Inhale, pull back to Cobra/Up Dog, and Exhale Down Dog. YOU MADE IT!!! Let's do the other side!

If you're interested in putting them all together, here's the FLOW

If Gentle is your Jam, check out this fun passive version!

Props Recommended (substitutions can be made with things laying around the house).

  • Strap

  • 2 Blocks

  • 1 Blanket


RESET and CLASSES Passwords!

Under classes, there are three options: Reset, Yoga, and Functional Mobility. Each of them have a library of videos you can watch and do at your convenience. They are password protected and exclusive to subscribers only! Go back and check your email for this post and scroll down. You'll see the passwords listed there. Keep them for future use as more videos will be Posted periodically! If you haven't already subscribed, click the button below!


The season for giving can enrich our lives, as we serve others. As the year wraps up, remember to do a few self-check-ins. Listen to what you're mind and body is telling you and have the courage the give yourself some self-care too. Sending you my best and most wonderful holiday wishes!



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